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Taliban Hate Music!!

Upon listening the word "Taliban" a group of ferocious Afghan men with long beards and AK-47s come to mind. Men who totally piss Europeans off with their little known tactics and undying strength in numbers but actually Taliban do a lot of things that made no sense at all.

Pictured: Pissing off Europeans

Upon taking over Afghanistan in 1996, Taliban vowed to thoroughly transform the country into an Islamic state so they started punishing women who didn't wear hijab and blew up ancient statues of Buddha, regarding them as signs of idolatry.

Take that Buddha!!
But the most ridiculous step was the one that they took for discouraging musicians. A couple of Taliban went up to grave of Ahmed Zahir, the king of Afghan music, to pay their tribute. By tribute I mean making bullet holes in the dead dude. Yeah! Several rounds of automatic fire were sent down his grave to show hatred.

After that they probably walked away proudly hi-fiving  each other.

Way to go guys!!